I have created a website for WaveSteel Company (part of WaveNet Group) and their new product brochure for international tech fairs in Barcelona, 2019.

WaveSteel is producing steel parts for many purposes – for construction, telecommunication, warehouses and other constructs. The website shows the types of products and services offered by the company. It meant to be clean and straightforward to show what WaveSteel offers and manufactures clearly. The colouristic of the website is steel-cold: grey and white with cold blue as an accent. The situation and main assumptions for the WaveNet Group brochure are similar – just more blue here :).


WaveSteel website contains sections: services and products (with pages for every product), implementation, information about the company, and contact. Subtle text effects were used to attract customer attention to the essential paragraphs. The whole website is toned in steel based colours: grey, white and blue, which fits the photographs perfectly. The website works in two languages.

visit the website


The brochure is untypical. It contents an A4 folder in which customers can put any of 12 separate product cards – depends on their interest. The folder also has a short information about every part of WaveNet Group (such as WaveNet and WaveSteel) and a special place for company’s business card. Product cards show some of the essential services and products the company provides.

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