Seven Seas Yacht Delivery Website

I have designed and built a huge, responsive website for the Seven Seas Yacht Delivery (SSYD).

The Seven Seas Yacht Delivery (SSYD) company is created by a group of highly experienced European sailing enthusiasts who have traversed seas for many years. Their primary service is yacht transfers from point A to B. Besides that, they among others offer their captains and crew for hire and support during more difficult cruises.

The SSYD website is quite complex because of the wide range of services offered by the company. It’s fully responsive – works well on mobile phones and tablets. You can find there all the essential information about their offer and themselves, a blog with a list of done yacht deliveries, easy-to-use forms, and many more.


The SSYD website meant to be fully responsive, intuitive and visibly associated with sailing and the sea. It contents pages: offer (with separate a page for every service), about the company, about the crew, crew application, contact. For the main colour accent, we chose a clean blue, which is the most typical colour for the sea-related businesses.

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Apart from the website, I have also designed the Seven Seas Yacht delivery logo and business cards. It was not the easiest thing to create a sign which shows well the leading service of the company – yacht deliveries (from point A to B). However, I think that, with the support of the company owner, I have created a subtle and classy logo for SSYD.

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