Spectacle Clara

I was pleased to design a website and printable advertising materials for spectacle Clara – a dance performance directed by Alisa Makarenko.

The spectacle presents the fate of three pianists who were connected by an extraordinary bond. The materials that were used to create the performance are the letters and diaries of these heroes – full of mutual respect and attachment and the unusual tenderness given to each other by Clara Schumann, Robert Schumann and Johannes Brahms. The spectacle shows sensitivity, love, parenthood, friendship, mental illness, as well as adolescence, life experience acquisition, limitations and weaknesses related to the human psyche and body.

For Spectacle Clara, I have designed, among others, a website: clara.com.pl, offer brochure, spectacle program, tickets. I have also written most of the texts for the sponsorship offer and other printable materials of the performance. During the job, I was asked to become a manager of the whole project Clara, and I agreed :).

Photo credits: Szymon Kawecki

Facebook: @spectacleclara


    The website of spectacle Clara is quite minimalist but content complex. It was intended to be simple, black and white with delicate colour accents – visible mostly in buttons and links. It includes images and videos of the performance, the history of Clara, spectacle cast, three offers for sponsors, media patronage offer, news page with interviews and reviews and a Facebook feed.

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    I’ve prepared a few kinds of advertising materials for spectacle Clara. The most important one is the 30 pages A4 brochure, which include the full description of the performance and full offer for both media and sponsors. Other materials are the programme of the spectacle (booklet A5), tickets, invitations, flyers, a sheet with a cost estimate of the show (A4) and business cards.

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