Krzysia Górniak

As a part of a large artist image re-creation project, I have designed a portfolio website and took care of the Facebook fan page of a polish jazz guitarist – Krzysia Górniak.

To unify the image of Krzysia Górniak on the Internet and social media, I decided to do many actions – one after another. First, I gathered all the information and images I needed. From which I have created a new website for the artist, then adjusted the look of the fan page on Facebook and brought other of the guitarist accounts to the appropriate appearance. Finally, I have run an advertising campaign to promote the artist’s new image and increase the number of Krzysia’s followers on her Facebook fan page (from 1000 to over 2500 fans). The project took me three months, but it was worth it – it gave excellent effects. 


To create this website, I was asked to gather and organise all the information about the guitarist from the past 30 years (reviews, interviews, a list of concerts, etc.) Moreover, I got the whole image archive which needed to be segregated and tailored to online publication requirements. From this content, with many consultations with the artist, I designed a complex website portfolio with orange accent and many beautiful photographs.

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Besides the website, I designed a few other things for Krzysia Górniak. From these, the most interesting was the creation of the CD cover of the artist’s new album – Memories. I also designed covers of all the singles which were announcing the premiere of Memories. Furthermore, I created many posters for Krzysia Górniak concerts, a few recordings and photoshoots, and some banners for advertising campaigns on Facebook.

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