As a co-founder, I had a pleasure to create a logo, visual identification, prints and a website for JazzState – an independent jazz stage, placed in Warsaw (Poland).


JazzState – the space for musical dialogue and experiments

JazzState was created in October 2017 on the initiative of my dear friend Karolina Szewc and mine. The assumptions of the project were to organise weekly concerts and jam sessions – on every Wednesday all year round. For two years of activity (in two localisations), the stage has gathered a broad audience, including older people, adults and youth, as well as children.

The JazzState stage is currently based in a pleasant and atmospheric club SPATiF (Aleje Ujazdowskie 45, Warsaw) in the very centre of the city. It is a space open to musical dialogue and experiments. There is a jazz jam session or concert every Wednesday.

Formation and development of JazzState initiative

We created JazzState ourselves – at first, it was only a shy experiment, which, however, began to develop at an amazing pace. I took care of the graphics and promotion of the event, Karolina – musicians. In the beginning, we only had a logo and a fan page on Facebook. Soon after, we started making business cards, posters, leaflets, postcards, event tickets (different for each concert!) And stickers. Later I have created a website, and most of the designs – mainly those for posters and banners – were improved. I have also developed advertising campaigns for the project JazzState on Facebook and Instagram. We had lots of work and lots of fun.

End of the partnership

Due to some individual circumstances, in November 2019, I decided to resign from cooperation in organising and promoting JazzState, regretfully. Because of the lack of a person who could take care of the website and update it on time, it has been removed. However, you can still see how it looked – below are site template screenshots and examples of some other designs I made for JazzState during the past two years.



The JazzState website was relatively simple in structure. It consisted of pages: information, events (past and upcoming), news (interviews and press articles), list of musicians and contact page. Each past event – instead of being removed – was additionally enriched with a photo gallery from that musical evening. The website’s colours have been kept in black, white and grey shades with a blue accent (for links). Despite this, the site didn’t look sad at all – it was decorated with photographs from jam sessions and JazzState concerts.


During the two years of cooperation, I created mainly a logo, simple black business cards and a lot of posters, leaflets/postcards and tickets for JazzState events. I also designed a unique series of stickers advertising the stage – ”the enthusJAZZt” stickers. There were also advertising banners for Facebook and different background graphics for each event. I had to do new designs for every Wednesday for two years – it’s a damn lot of posters, tickets and backgrounds. If you want to see these designs – most of them are here.