Visual identification for fitness coach Jarek Niesłuchowski. The project includes a logo, a brand book and two business cards.

‘Well built, powerful, clear-minded and alive – you can be’. This has been the main motto in creating visual identification for a polish fitness coach Jarek Niesłuchowski. 

As the main colour accent, Jarek Niesłuchowski has chosen strong red – the colour which signifies passion and intensity. That’s the colour of a fight Jarek helps to win by regular training and a good diet, and the colour of the natural human power he unleashes in his proteges. 

The initials JN. in the logo are hand-drawn which make them look more alive and energetic. At the same time, they remain clear and modern because of a strong and simple line which looks like graffiti. Hand drawn letters are also a symbol of Jarek’s individual approach to his customers. The shape of initials looks like a shield – the symbol of ones being strong but not aggressive, able to protect one’s self. JN shield, red colour, the dark background of gym photos and light images of healthy food create together a style for great fitness coaching services provided by Jarek Niesłuchowski.