Jarek Niesłuchowski

WordPress website with blog and training offer for polish fitness coach Jarek “Jary” Niesłuchowski.

Jarek Niesłuchowki asked me to design a website with a rough and masculine atmosphere – a combination of a gym, martial arts and asceticism with lots of black and one strong, red accent. The main quote from the entire project was the words of one of my client’s greatest authorities, Morita Masatake (Morita Shoma): “Deep psychological understanding is worth less than getting up from the couch”. I think I did my job quite well here.


Jarek Niesłuchowski’s website is divided into pages: home, offer, questions, blog and contact. It has special form used to sign for a free training consultation. It’s a simple and easy to use, fully responsive WordPress website with clear design and one colour accent – red.

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I have designed visual identification and business cards for Jarek Niesłuchowski few years ago. For his new website, I used the same logo and colour scheme used on his old business cards. It’s nice to see Jarek use the same design for years and still enjoy it so much.

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