Visual identification and business cards
for personal fitness coach Jarek Niesłuchowski.


While creating a logo for Jarek, we decided to focus on three main features of his profession. The first was power – here we chose our primary colour: red, black and white. Red symbolises strength and high self-esteem here. The second thing after power that has been important to us is activity – action. That’s why the symbol in Jarek’s logo, and at the same time, his initials (JN), are hand-drawn. The third feature was safety and protection – associated with being a personal trainer for someone. That’s why we decided to shape the initials into a shield – which from hundreds of years represents the symbol of protection, security, power (or control) and strength.

business cards

In addition to the logo, I also created two business card designs for Jarek Niesłuchowski. The first project involves a black-and-white photo with a simplified logo on the obverse. The second is more minimalistic and has a uniform, clean red obverse with a white, simplified logo. The reverse of both projects remains the same – a dark grey background with the full Jarek logo and contact information such as email address, phone number and links to profiles on social media. Because Jarek couldn’t decide which project is better – he has decided to take both projects as his business cards and to use them alternately.