Geeks Academy

A logo and responsive WIX website for Geeks Academy – a polish coding academy for kids

In this project, I was asked to prepare a logo design and a website for the new private coding academy – giving lessons to kids from 6 to 12 years old. The main idea for the logo was to create a simple sign with appearance easily associated with the code. The website was designed and built on WIX – which my clients have chosen as the preferred site engine. For the accent, we decided light orange, because it is considered an energetic colour. Orange calls to mind feelings of excitement, enthusiasm, and warmth, and is often used to draw attention.


Geeks Academy website is divided into sections/pages: courses ( with pages for Kodu and Scratch course), online registration, birthdays (birthday events for young gamers), information (blog) and contact. The website is responsive – it looks well on both computers and smartphones. The bright orange accent is visible on every page – it unifies the whole site. Colourful photos and screenshots additionally colour each page, making it look joyful – in young gamers’ style.

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The logo for Geeks Academy was intended to be simple, with appearance easily associated with the code and the main accent-colour used. I decided to use “<..>” symbols as they are generally the most characteristic for coding (because of well known HTML). Here is where I used the accent colour. The GEEKS word is stylised for simple games, and the ACADEMY is given a stripe as a background to underline the first word and be more visible.

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