Responsive online store for BASS

The project includes: online store, product photography, banners and logo redesign.

In a massive project for the polish company BASS POLSKA, I was asked to redesign their logo, build an online store based on Sote shop engine and create some advertising and occasional banners. Changes in the company’s logo were meant to be delicate – to make the sign look cleaner and friendlier to the eye but still very similar to the old one. The most work required building an online store suitable for thousands of BASS’s products and photographing those. Each product should have at least one photo and each image supposed to look on nice with clean white background. The last thing to do were occasional advertising banners for the store, to use on Black Fridays, Christmas and other special occasions.


The website is fully responsive, includes product catalogue divided into sections, and pages such as information about company, contact and service page and many other. There is an easy way to create groups of discounted or new products and show them on the main page. Google Translate powers site translation. We added pop-up Facebook button stuck to the side of the screen.

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Redesigning logo was mainly about softening its appearance – changing the font so that it no longer appears unnaturally stretched. At the same time, the final effect should look as similar as possible to the original one – because it’s strongly recognisable by the company’s regular customers. Therefore, the final result is not very different from the previous, but it is cleaner and nicer.

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In addition to the logo and online store, I also designed a set of occasional banners for BASS, among others for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Easter and Christmas. These images were used mainly on the company’s website and in the newsletter. Besides those, I have also created a set of occasional e-cards and special vouchers (used in mailings) for BASS’s regular clients.

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