Multicultural Fairy Tales

(Bajki Wielokulturowe)

Illustration and posters for Multicultural Fairy Tales Event in Wielokulturowa, Warsaw (Poland)


about the event

The “Multicultural Fairy Tales” evenings placed in ‘Wielokulturowa’ Cafe in Warsaw are intended for people of all ages. During the meetings, we discover legends and fairy tales from Africa, China, Russia, Lapland, Mexico and many more from around the world. While reading fairy tales, we move in places and time to beautiful lands and experience amazing adventures with legendary heroes. We also discuss the symbolism and meaning of each of the stories to uncover the universal and specific beliefs of different cultures and tribes.

The first “Multicultural Fairy Tale” evening took place on December 17th, 2016 in Wielokulturowa Cafe, Jagiellońska 54 St., Warsaw, Poland.


posters and leaflets

I had the pleasure to prepare an illustration dedicated to this event and also to create posters and leaflets advertising the first meeting with multicultural fairy tales.  Due to the small amount of time for the project and as the event is addressed mainly to children and parents, I decided to draw a simple, doodle-like, fairy-tale picture, which you can see below.  I used the illustration to design social media posters, flyers and banners to create a consistent graphic identity for the event.

I was also responsible for ensuring that printouts were made in the right quantity and quality and after that, hanged in the proper places in Warsaw. The whole operation, from design to distribution of advertising materials, went smoothly and cheerfully. I am glad that I could be part of this project.