Architectural Photography Retouch


“In commercial photography, post-production is an essential part of the image-making process.”

From time to time, I do photo photo-retouching for Bartosz Makowski – professional photographer of architecture and interiors.

Bartosz often gives me complicated cases of retouch to carry out. I must admit that I am pleased with this arrangement. Each photo package received from Makowski is a challenge for my retouching and photo-manipulation skills. Many photographers do not allow post-production processing of their photos. I’m delighted to be allowed to publish some effects of my cooperation with Bartosz Makowski in this gallery.

B. Makowski’s Portfolio:


Photo retouch orders

I do photo retouch and photo-manipulations for many kinds of photographers – from fashion photoshoots and product photos to architecture photography. Very often without a right to publish that kind projects in my portfolio – which is perfectly understandable due to the specificity of a photographer’s job.

The price of a retouch depends on the level of editing difficulty and of the number of photos. If you want to see my full retouch portfolio and/or hire me as a photo-retoucher, please leave me a message.