Bio & Curriculum Vitae.  

Call me Moe.

My full name is Małgorzata Maria Belniak, but you can call me ‘Gosia’ or ‘Moe’. I was born in Warsaw, Poland, and raised in a small village as a colourful and sensitive creature from the very beginning. I studied in (too) many schools and universities – with various effects. I prefer honesty over politeness, believing it brings better effects in most of both life and business situations. I’ve learned well how to say ‘thank you’, ‘I’m sorry’ and ‘no’ – which I think is fundamental knowledge in a well-functioning interpersonal communication. I never stop learning – new knowledge and experiences bring me lots of joy and satisfaction. I have gained my diplomas and certificates in graphic design, web development, dietetics, photography, sailing and more.

I love my work at all its stages – from interviews and research, planning and preparing content, through the creative process and, finally, to publication. Every website and graphic project I make is different. Each one has to be treated individually, well thought out and properly executed. It’s never boring – it can be challenging, but it’s always interesting, and gives a lot of satisfaction!



Currently – British Academy of Photography (BAPH), London, Great Britain / student (BTEC – Higher National Diploma)
– EITCA, European Information Technologies Certification Academy, Brussels, Belgium / IT Security
2019-2020 – Polish Dietetics Institute, Wrocław, Poland / diploma in dietetics + specialisation in sports nutrition
2017-2018 – EITCA – European Information Technologies Certification Academy, Brussels, Belgium / computer graphics certificate
2013-2015 – WIT – University of Computer Science and Management, Warsaw, Poland / computer graphics
2012 – Autorskie Liceum Artystyczne (ALA), Wrocław, Poland / secondary school certificate

Certificates & Diplomas

  • EITCA/CG – Computer Graphics Certificate, Brussels, 2020
  • EITC/CG/APS – Raster graphics processing software (Adobe Photoshop) 
  • EITC/CG/AI1 – Vector graphics processing software (Adobe Illustrator)
  • EITC/CG/AIDF – Desktop publishing software (Adobe InDesign)
  • EITC/CG/AF – Interactive animation and graphics design software (Adobe Flash)
  • EITC/CG/VICG – Visual identification in computer graphics
  • EITC/CG/CAG – Conceptual aspects of graphics
  • EITC/CG/AD – Web pages design fundamentals (Adobe Dreamweaver)
  • EITC/CG/AI2 – Design and development of visual identity (Adobe Illustrator)
  • EITC/CG/ACSU – 3D  graphics design and visualisation software (AutoCAD and SketchUp)
  • EITC/CG/TFCG – Theoretical foundations of computer graphics
  • Diploma in Digital Photography – Alison, United Kingdom, 2019
  • Certified Social Media Manager – Online Marketing, Poznan, 2017
  • Diploma in Graphic Design – A grade, GoWork, Warsaw, 2012
  • Diploma in English Language and Literature – Alison, United Kingdom, 2019
  • Diploma in Basic English Grammar – Alison, United Kingdom, 2019


Work Experience

  • 01.2021 – founder of Projekt Poetycki (Poetry Project) with logo, website, online competitions and magazine /
  • 12.2020 – blog and 12 articles about massagers for Bass S.C. /
  • 11.2020 – prints, t-shirts and website for Introvert Store /
  • 10.2020 – website for (SSYD) Seven Seas Yacht Delivery /
  • 08.2020 – logo, articles and website for Midnight Meadow – holistic care products /
  • 06.2020 – logo, business cards and website for fitness coach Jarek Niesłuchowski  /
  • 04.2020 – Klub Pod Aloesem online store and online publications (3 ebooks) for Elżbieta Olejnik /
  • 02.2020 – website of Spectacle Clara for Alisa Makarenko /
  • 11.2019 – stationery, fair catalogues and website for Wave Steel /
  • 10.2019 – website for ukrainian dancer Alisa Makarenko /
  • 02.2019-02.2020 – Butlin’s team member (waitress), Bourne Leisure, Bognor Regis, Great Britain
  • 03-11.2019 – music portfolio for polish jazz guitarist Krzysia Górniak /
  • 09.2019 – website for Geeks Academy, Warsaw, Poland / no longer active, check here
  • 08.2019 – portfolio for polish sculptor Wiesława Jarmużek /
  • 07.2019 – website for Seven Seas Events /
  • 06.2019 – website for private music school in Wyszków, Poland /
  • 09.2018 – website redesign for Bass S.C. /
  • 06.2018 – cofounder of JazzState, designs: website, logo stationery, posters, flyers etc. / check here
  • 03.2016 – winning logo design for Rehaorto co. /
  • 05.2010 – winning logo design for Flora Zoo co. / check here
  • 03.2008 – website for Marzena Belniak (yeah, for my mom!) and her Piękny Ogród (en. Beautiful Garden) co. /


  • PROGRAMS: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Lightroom, Dreamweaver, After Effects, SketchUp, Corel, Filmora etc.
  • CODES: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP.
  • CMS: WordPress, SquareSpace, WIX, Weebly, Shopify, Shoplo, Magento, Sote, PrestaShop, Blogger etc.
  • BUILDERS: Divi, Elementor, Beaver Builder, WIX, Weebly, SquareSpace and similar.



  • Polish – native
  • English – advanced (B2-C1) 
  • German – beginner (A1-A2)
  • Spanish – beginner (A1-A2)


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I think that the best proof of the quality of the services is its visible effects and, of course, comments from customers – both together show the quality of work on all stages of the project. For many customers, a stressless and on-time creation process is as important as its finale – a well developed, finished project. Here are some references I collected in recent years.