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Information about Małgorzata Maria Belniak.


Małgorzata Maria Belniak, also known as ‘Gosia’ or ‘Moe’, was born in Warsaw, Poland, and raised in a small village as a colourful, sensitive and difficult creature from the very beginning. She studied in (too) many schools and universities – with various effects (nothing to be proud of here, sorry not sorry!). Learned well how to say ‘thank you’, ‘I’m sorry’ and ‘fuck you’ – which is fundamental knowledge in her opinion. She finally gained her diplomas and certificates in graphic design, sailing, windsurfing etc.

Never stop exploring

Moe is most often seen while sleeping, studying or creating something. Among others, she likes to experiment with crossing the borders of her comfort zone, which, as she believes, helps her gain new experience, inspirations and – what’s the most important – become a better, smarter and stronger person. Her motto is: ‘Find comfort in what you cannot explain‘. That’s why she travels anywhere, on any occasion, likes to do new things and learn new skills. Takes a variety of jobs – from designing and advertising to repairing boats and serving food. She also appreciates spending time and discussing with people of various origins, faiths and beliefs. Moe, every time she has such a chance, collaborates with artists from all over the world.

Fight for better

Małgorzata Maria Belniak is a very calm person in everyday life, standing out of the way – the second plan is her favourite (you see more from there). She prefers to listen than talk, talk than yell, understand than demand. However, as a natural-born rebel, Moe always fights for her beliefs – whether it’s her and her friends’ rights, or respect, equality and justice, ecology, or just a damn peace of mind – she will stand for it. In a peaceful manner but no matter consequences. She thinks we have to be brave, strong and determined in what we believe and help/motivate each other to be able to bring a positive change. That’s why a few of her official projects of that kind are included in this portfolio.

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Diplomas & Certificates

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The best proof of the quality of the services is, of course, it’s effects and comments from customers – both together show the quality of work on different stages of the project. For many customers, the stressless and on-time creation process is same important as its finale – a finished project. Here are some references collected by Małgorzata Maria Belniak in recent years.

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