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Web Design

Makowski Music

Music one-page-portfolio created with ♥︎ for the jazz guitarist and composer Wojtek Makowski.

visit: www.makowskimusic.com
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Jarek Niesłuchowski

Simple website for polish fitness coach Jarek Niesłuchowski.

visit: jarek-niesluchowski.pl
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Klub Pod Aloesem

Klub Pod Aloesem – website and online shop made for polish chemist Elżbieta Olejnik.

visit: klubpodaloesem.pl
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Spectacle Clara

Website for Spectacle Clara – dance performance directed by Alisa Makarenko.

visit: clara.com.pl
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Krzysia Górniak
Extensive music portfolio designed for polish jazz guitarist – Krzysia Górniak.

visit: krzysiagorniak.pl
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Projekt Poetycki

Website for Projekt Poetycki – polish poetry project with own quarterly magazine and online competition.

visit: poetycki.pl

SSYD Yacht Delivery

Website for Seven Seas Yacht Delivery (SSYD) – an european company which transfers sailboats from point A to B.

visit: yacht-delivery.eu
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Blog (and posts) about massagers and massages for BASS S.C.

visit: masazery.pl

Alisa Makarenko

Website designed with ♥︎ for Alisa Makarenko – contemporary dancer, teacher and choreographer from Ukraine.

visit: alisamakarenko.com

You Are Magic Lunula

Artistic portfolio for an artist and decorative sculptor – Wiesława Jarmużek.

visit: youaremagiclunula.com
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Wyszków Music School

Website designed for private music school in Wyszków, Poland.

visit: szkolamuzycznawyszkow.pl
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Geeks Academy

Website designed for Geeks Academy – polish coding school for kids.

visit: www.geeksacademy.pl
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Website designed for a branch of Wavenet Group called WaveSteel. The company designs, produces and assemblies steel constructions.

visit: wavesteel.pl
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Website created for JazzState – independent jazz music stage located in Warsaw (Poland).

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Aprilia Ocean Cruiser

Website created for Aprilia – Old wooden 56 ft. ocean cruiser designed by famous Arvid Laurin.

visit: aprilia.sevenseas.pl
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Midnight Meadow

Website designed with ♥︎ for Midnight Meadow (Ireland) – Holistic Skin Care Products.

visit: midnightmeadow.com
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Seven Seas Events

Website designed for The Seven Seas – sailing cruises and events company.

visit: sevenseas.pl
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Bass Polska

Online store designed for the Bass S.C. company, selling workshop tools and equipment.

visit: basspolska.com
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Piękny Ogród

Website and portfolio for Piękny Ogród – company specialized in landscape architecture and gardening.

visit: pieknyogrod.waw.pl
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Merci Nature

Website and online shop with cosmetics for Karolina Merci Molińska – Merci Nature.

visit: mercinature.pl

Graphic Design

WaveNet Group

Folder and 12 advertising pages of Wavenet Group products designed for technology fair in Barcelona, ​​Spain.

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Aloe Vera (ebooks)

3 ebooks about aloe vera for Elżbieta Olejnik – polish chemist, aloe product consultant and author of books about natural therapy methods.

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A logo and business cards desgns for personal gym coach Jarek Niesłuchowski.

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Dzika Muzyka

Graphic identification, business cards and posters for music classes Dzika Muzyka.

see project.

Bale i Detale

My proposal in a graphic competition for logo design for Bale i Detale company.

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Flora Zoo

Brand identification and product leaflet for Flora Zoo shop. Winning design in a graphic competition.

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Identification, business cards, posters and graphics for JazzState – the independent jazz stage placed in Warsaw, Poland.

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The Seven Seas

Graphic identification and business cards for The Seven Seas – sailing cruises and events.

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Yacht Delivery

Minimalist graphic identification, business cards designs and a website for Yacht Delivery services.

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Geeks Academy

Graphic identification, leaflets & business cards designs and a website for Geeks Academy – a coding school for kids.

see project

Merci Nature

Brand identification, business cards and product packaging for Merci Nature.

see project

Rehaorto, neuro, kardio

Set of three logotypes for private rehabilitation center – first place in graphic identification contest.

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Bajki Wielokulturowe

Illustration, poster and leaflet designs for a storytelling event of multicultural fairy tales, placed in Warsaw, Poland.

see project

New Vision
Brand identification for New Vision advertising agency. Logo design for a graphic competition.

see project

Malika’s 5th Anniversary

Posters and graphics for Malika’s 5th Anniversary concert in Gdańsk, Poland.

see project

CD cover for debut album of the SPOIWO band (post-rock, Gdansk, Poland). Design awarded in the 100 best Polish covers of the year.

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Midnight Meadow

minimalistic business card designStartup designs for Midnight Meadow – holistic skin care products; including: logo, stickers, business cards, offer brochure, facebook profile and a website.

see project

Uprzejmy Łoś KIDS

Some posters for kids events of the Uprzejmy Łoś veterinary office.

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Graphic identification, business cards, bags and tag designs for NOIJAK – polish clothing brand. Winning design in a graphic competition.

see project

Wolf T-shirt

‘Throw me to the wolves and I will return leading a pack’ T-shirt design.

see project


Prince Bear

An illustration for the Warsaw’s legend about the Prince Bear.

see project

Bioform structures

A series of minimalistic graphics created with a possibly empty mind to catch the structures brain is creating without planning or analysing.

see project

Card XIII: Death

Card XIII: Death / framed An illustration depicting the symbolism of the thirteenth tarot card – the death – in terms of my associations.

see project

Lucanus Cervus

Photorealistic black-and-white drawing of my favorite beatle – used as pattern for printing.

see project

Whale's Eye (1:1)

The whale is sad cause it cannot fit into any frame.

see project

Colouring Book

Creative terapeutic colouring book about music and musicians, for both kids and adults.

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Art Therapy

Set of self-portraits – creating those helped me get through many tough moments, fight my inner demons and gives me better understanding of my self.

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You can find my drawings, graphics and photos on Shutterstock


Fashion / Face Retouching
– removing skin imperfections, pimples, dark circles under the eyes, whitening teeth, fixing lihts etc.

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Architecture photo retouch

Photography retouching for architecture photographer, Bartosz Makowski.

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Extinction scars

Extinction scars is a series of photographs showing the details of plant dieback. In close-up, the leaf structure looks almost like human skin.

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Curse of dilemma
Curse of dilemma is a series of photographs depicting a dilemma that weighs heavily on the soul and view, which it does not want to give peace even during the sleep.

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Lucy the cat

I believe that every cat lover/owner should have a cat in their portfolio. All those pretty picture just can’t be waisted! So… 

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Other Projects

Projekt Poetycki

The main mission of Projekt Poetycki (Poetry Project) is to motivate people in Poland to read and write poetry, and to promote new polish poetry and its authors by publicising their works in the magazine and organising competitions with good prizes.

visit: poetycki.pl
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JazzState (Event)

I’m a co-founder and event manager of JazzState – the independent jazz stage placed in SPATiF Club in Warsaw, Poland.

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Crayon Rescue Project

Crayon recycling program for a group of well known British holiday resorts – reduces crayon waste by millions per year and supplies materials for schools and other educational facilities in South Africa.

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